I’m Julie Pace, I am running for Mayor to continue to protect and enhance the quality of life and residential living in Paradise Valley.

As a current City Council member and former Vice-Mayor, and as attorney representing companies for thirty-years, I know firsthand the strengths and opportunities of Paradise Valley. I love Paradise Valley, and I have a passion for fighting for our quality of life. I have the energy, experience, connections and leadership to help address challenges that arise in our Town. 

As Mayor I will:

  • Protect Quality of Life

    I support one-house per acre zoning, no commercial businesses, and no property taxes! I have worked closely to support the Paradise Valley Mountain Preservation Trust, which has secured more than 223 acres of preserved land. I also helped found the Paradise Valley Public Safety Foundation, to support our first responders. I work closely with our resorts to ensure their success.

  • Short Term Rental Accountability

    Paradise Valley is well within its rights as a Town to place restrictions on short term rentals operating here. Our STR ordinance is designed to keep Paradise Valley and our visitors safe, expanding noise regulations, ensuring background checks of renters, and making emergency contact numbers publicly available to report nuisance issues, among other changes.

  • Protect Paradise Valley’s Natural Beauty

    I support reasonable development restrictions on hillside lots that balance new homes with the beauty of our mountain vistas. I have opposed dynamiting mountains for home construction, and oppose development proposals that infringe upon neighborhoods, cause safety issues, destabilize boulders, result in drainage issues, or degrade the one-acre, single-family residential character of our town.

  • Support our Police

    Enhance our town’s safety and security through innovative technology, community outreach and support for the Police Department, including prevention of construction thefts and protecting our Houses of Worship. I helped create the Paradise Valley Public Safety Foundation to support our first responders.

  • Improve Infrastructure

    Traffic is a growing concern on PV’s streets, our Town’s future growth must include plans for traffic mitigation without losing the rural quality of Paradise Valley. For this reason, I do not support projects like paving over of landscaped medians on McDonald Drive.

  • Transparent & Limited Government

    As Mayor, I will ensure decisions are being made publicly, not behind closed doors or in cigar bars. I will push for good governance and best practices. I will continue to put the quality of life of Paradise Valley ahead of outside interests or personal gain. I support term limits and better ethical rules to ensure Town resources and funds are being used efficiently, legally and through proper procurement.

  • World-Class Resorts

    Our Town has thrived and flourished without property taxes, and we will continue to do so. I enjoy and support our world-class resorts. Our Town may experience up to five remodels and SUP amendments involving resorts during next couple of years.

  • Community Involvement

    Paradise Valley is made stronger by the involvement of residents. Our Town must improve community outreach and access to council, and improve awareness of issues that Council is voting on. I have led several grassroots efforts within the Town. As Mayor I will engage the community on important issues early and often to ensure the Town Council is working in the Town’s best interest, and to advocate for Paradise Valley at other venues.

About Julie

Julie Pace is a 4th generation Arizonan and nearly 30-year resident of Paradise Valley. Julie has more than 28 years of experience as an employment, construction and OSHA lawyer representing companies. She is currently serving her second term as a Town Councilmember, and is the former vice mayor.

Julie chaired the Paradise Valley Advisory Committee on Public Safety (ACOPS) for over two years. She facilitated the reinvigoration of the Paradise Valley Mountain Preservation Trust and led efforts to improve PV’s Hillside Ordinance to ensure that safety and responsible planning are integral parts of the consideration of hillside building plans. 

Julie and her Husband support many cultural and artistic resources in the area including: the Phoenix Symphony, Desert Botanical Garden, Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), The Southwest Shakespeare Company, Phoenix Art Museum, Heard Museum and more.