• Former Mayor Michael Collins
  • Former Councilmember Pam Kirby
  • Former Planning Commissioner Jon Wainwright
  • Former Planning Commissioner Daran Wastchak
  • Giselle Alexander
  • Anne Andeen
  • Councilmember Ellen Andeen
  • Jim and Kim Anton
  • David and Terry Appel
  • Michael Bidwill
  • David Borneman and Vita Rowe Borneman
  • Kathye Brown
  • Ron and Kathy Brown
  • Tony and Debbie Carollo
  • Fred Christensen
  • Joan Dominique Clancy
  • Robin Daggett
  • Kent and Linda Daley
  • Mario E. Diaz
  • Debbie Gaby
  • Dr. Marilyn Geninatti
  • Pam Georgelos
  • Gary Gitlin
  • John and Roni Goldsberry
  • Phil and Susan Hagenah
  • Pam Hait
  • Diane Halle
  • Hon. Keno Hawker
  • Dr. Joe Zachariah
  • Dr. Teresa Heaton
  • Derek and Whitney Huntchak
  • Betty McRae
  • Thomas Nagel and Jennifer Bryant
  • Thomas and Nancy Bryant
  • Howard and Suzie Muzzy
  • John Anton
  • Sharon and Brad Kleven
  • Amy and Andrew Unkefer

  • Al and Ingrid Harrison
  • Martha Hunter-Henderson
  • Pat Hurley
  • Tom and Marilyn Husbands
  • Clinton and Sarina James
  • Mal and Jane Jozoff
  • Maryann and Bruce Kelley
  • Colleen and John Lomax
  • Don and Marilyn Kredel
  • Dayna Kully
  • Former Senator Barbara Leff
  • Marv and Karen Leff
  • Sharron Lewis
  • John and Jan Lindell
  • Dr. Kim Lucas
  • Charlotte Mao
  • Lisa Kay Mao
  • Theresa Mao
  • Ivan and Susan Mathew
  • John Martinson
  • Lee McLaughlin
  • Bill and Donna Mentis
  • Bill and Linda Miller
  • Priscilla Moore
  • Wolfgang and Nancy Monthofer
  • Nan Murley
  • Mel Wainwright
  • Brad and Sharon Kleven
  • Christine LaBelle
  • Curtis Grippe
  • Guy and Pat LaBelle
  • Randy and Cynthia Buness
  • Joe and Kate C. Hogan
  • Toby Thomas
  • Jack and Kathleen Clifford
  • Wayne and Cathy Teeter
  • Eric Rinestone
  • Anne Sarvis
  • Rich Lyons
  • Alison Klotnia

  • Heather and Steve Cook

  • Danielle Wyeth

  • Amira Nehmeh
  • Roscoe Nichols
  • Ryan Wooddy
  • Bob O’Malley
  • Keith and Amy Carney
  • Jeanne Patterson
  • Sam Pratt
  • Dan Rigby
  • Jeff and Susan Scoon
  • Garron Scoon
  • Jack Selby
  • David Selden
  • Scott and Tracy Tonn
  • James Ullman
  • Peggy Wolfswinkel
  • Keith Wong
  • Dr. Kerry and Gini Zang
  • Reisha Zang
  • Mike and Sheila Zuieback
  • Demetra Georgelos
  • Diana Georgelos
  • Larry Fink
  • Phil Schneider
  • Craig Connors
  • Judy Alden
  • Art Piccinati
  • Rick and Janelle Schick
  • Robert Goodpasture
  • Gregg Goodman
  • Ryan Turner
  • Ron and Gaile Green
  • Mel Comstock
  • Christine Hess
  • Jim and Susie Hawthorne
  • Grant and Jennifer Gustafson
  • Tom Castleberry
  • Norm and Robin Vitols
  • Charles Keller
  • Ivan and Susan Mathew
  • Diane Toci

  • Michelle and Marc Walker

  • Kim and David Carras

  • Janine Brown

Town Council Endorsements

Endorsement by Senator Barbara Leff:

“I have been a resident of the Town of Paradise Valley for 36 years. I also served as the State Senator and State Representative for this area for 14 years.

I worked with Julie throughout my tenure in the Legislature. I was always impressed by her knowledge, her hard work and her honesty. She will bring her very extensive professional expertise to the Council as well as her high ethical standards.

Julie will fight to protect Paradise Valley taxpayers through sound budgeting and fiscal discipline. She will also stand strong against a property tax.

It is with great enthusiasm that I support re-electing Julie Pace to Paradise Valley Town Council.

Endorsement by Former County Supervisor Andy Kunasek

As a Paradise Valley resident and Maricopa County Supervisor, I proudly endorse Julie Pace for Town Council.

Julie is a fiscal conservative who will fight to protect Paradise Valley residents from a property tax. She is a collaborator and problem solver.

Julie will also ensure that our town government operates efficiently and our residents are safe by enhancing public safety services.

Join me in re-electing  Julie Pace for Town Council.

Endorsement by Teresa Mao, Lisa Mao and Charlotte Mao

As long term Paradise Valley residents, we proudly endorse Julie Pace for Town Council.

Julie Pace is a problem solver who will fight to protect and preserve our unique quality of life in Paradise Valley. 

Julie is a truly dedicated member of our Council who stands up for residents and has repeatedly proven her ability to negotiate and solve problems that are critical in maintaining the character and sprit of the Town of Paradise Valley.

Join us in re-electing Julie Pace to Town Council.

Endorsement by Mal & Jane Jozoff

As longtime Paradise Valley residents, we strongly support Julie Pace for Town Council because of her commitment to public safety and keeping the residents of Paradise Valley safe and secure.

Julie understands that protecting Paradise Valley’s unique quality of life begins with strong public safety services.

With Julie on the Town Council, we know public safety will remain a top priority.

We encourage you to join us in re-electing Julie Pace to Town Council.

Endorsement by Tom and Marilyn Husbands

As our neighbor, we have known Julie as a fiscal conservative who cares deeply about Paradise Valley’s unique character.

We know Julie will stand up against the introduction of property taxes in the Town, fight to preserve our Town’s quality of life, and address our drainage and infrastructure issues.

In short, we enthusiastically support re-electing Julie Pace for Paradise Valley Town Council.

Endorsement of Former Mayor Hon. Ed Lowry.

Julie Pace is an experienced problem solver who will work hard to protect our unique quality of life and continue to build on the public safety improvements  our leaders have made over the past few years.  

Endorsement of Sheila & Michael Zuieback

Julie Pace has our support and our vote for Paradise Valley Town Council.

Julie will work hard to protect our iconic mountains and the low-density residential character that makes our Town special to its residents and tax paying resorts.

In addition, Julie is a fiscal conservative who will always put taxpayers first and fight to avoid a property tax.

We hope you will join us in re-electing Julie Pace to Town Council.

Endorsement of Sharron Lewis:

I hope you’ll join me in re-electing Julie Pace to Paradise Valley Town Council.

Julie’s unique experience representing both the private sector and local governments is important for fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Her priorities of preserving our quality of life, enhancing public safety, and addressing infrastructure issues will help continue the great progress our Town Council has made over the past few years.

I encourage you to vote Julie Pace for Town Council.


Contributions should be made to payable to: Julie Pace for PV Town Mayor

Please provide Contributor’s name, address, phone, email and employer, if applicable.

Individuals can give a maximum of $6,550. No corporations can contribute. Non US Citizens may not make contributions.  Please call 480.985.2613 with any questions.

Please click here to make a credit card payment or mail checks To:

Julie Pace for PV Town Mayor
5501 E Solano Drive
Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253

Thank you for supporting Pace for PV Town Mayor!