I am a doer and I think outside of the box to accomplish goals.

Some of my accomplishments on Council during the past four years to serve you include:

  • Instrumental in establishing the Paradise Valley Public Safety Foundation to support our first responders.
  • Ensured Resort Development respects privacy of neighbors and reduces noise.. 
  • Chaired the ACOPS Committee for over two years, which focused on supporting our fabulous community-focused police department and fostering education outreach to residents.
  • Started the Houses of Worship Security Meetings with the Police Department.
  • Drafted and implemented a construction security checklist.
  • Implemented a Hillside Safety Ordinance to supplement the Town’s long-standing and existing Hillside Code.
  • Identified and supported efforts to address localized drainage issues.
  • Stopped a 64 foot high structure from being built high on Camelback Mountain.
  • Helped neighborhoods restrict pass through traffic.
  • Ensured resident input and involvement early in development projects and increased noticing requirements to residents.
  • Successfully led numerous grassroots efforts to protect the Town’s quality of life.

Preserving Quality of Life

Reinvigorated Paradise Valley Mountain Preservation Trust

Julie Pace has worked to facilitate the successful effort to expand the former Mummy Mountain Trust so that it can protect all of the mountain areas in PV, including Camelback.  The Paradise Valley Mountain Preservation Trust is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has accepted donations of land, easements and money to preserve 235 acres of mountain areas that preserve the views that make Paradise Valley unique. 

Julie has been proud to work with the PVMPT Trust members to create a recognition of donors to the PV Mountain Preservation Trust to express the community’s gratitude and to incentivize further donations.  

Julie was instrumental in fostering the creation, publication and marketing of the children’s book “The Story of Camelback Mountain,” with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the PVMPT.

Led Opposition to Prevent High Density Resort Developments Next to Single Family Homes

Julie Pace has voted against proposals that would have desecrated the low density, single-family residential character of Paradise Valley.  One of the proposals would have allowed three-story resort rental units with balconies looming right next to one-acre single family homes.  

Another proposal she opposed would have allowed a 5-plex party complex with rooftop patio 24 feet high right next to one-acre homes.  Julie even took out a full page newspaper advertisement to alert Town residents of such proposals, resulting in the developers withdrawing the proposal.  

Hillside Safety Improvement Plan

Julie Pace worked to restrict dynamite and incorporate key safety considerations to protect residents from potential damage from construction activity, boulder destabilization and drainage issues.  Julie enlisted the participation of engineers, builders, architects and residents to achieve responsible solutions. 

Responsible Solutions to Medical Office Complex

Julie Pace personally met with neighbors and owners of one of Paradise Valley’s medical centers to try to bring the parties together to achieve modifications that would beneficial to the residents and the medical center.

Protecting Public Safety

Chairing ACOPS

​During the first two years on the PV Town Council, Julie chaired the Advisory Committee on Public Safety (ACOPS) to support public outreach for our Town’s concierge Police Department and its goals that benefit our residents.

Julie fostered the ACOPS House of Worship Committee to develop safety plans to protect worshipers at the religious institutions in our Town. 

Julie developed a construction safety checklist to reduce the risk of theft resulting from construction activity in Paradise Valley​,

Julie worked with stakeholders to promote bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular safety in sharing PV’s streets and roads.  She wrote articles to promote safety.

Julie addressed special safety considerations arising from drones and from helicopter rescues on Camelback Mountain’s hiking trails.

Creation of the Paradise Valley Public Safety Foundation

​Julie Pace was instrumental in establishing the Paradise Valley Public Safety Foundation to support our first responders. 

Contriburing to the Success of the Council

Julie’s Selection and Service as Vice Mayor

The Paradise Valley Town Council has unanimously selected Julie to serve as Vice Mayor for 2020.  This reflects the respect that she has earned from her fellow Council Members and residents based on her hard work and dedication to service on the Town Council.  As Vice Mayor, she facilities and leads the evaluations of the Town Manager and Town Attorney and serves as the Council liaison to the Planning Commission.

Contributing to the Work and Success of the Town Council

Julie has worked tirelessly to read and study information about the proposals coming before the Town Council, to listen to residents, and to achieve consensus for responsible solutions.  The work of the Council has included the selection of a new Town Manager, fiscal responsibility, approval of capital improvements, paying down the Town’s unfunded Public Safety Pension obligations, addressing the pandemic Covid-19 and much more.   The endorsement of her re-election by Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner is a testament to her positive contributions to the Council.

Promoting a Sense of Community in Paradise Valley

Julie is always alert for opportunities to expand resident involvement in PV’s civic culture, including recommending qualified residents to serve on multiple Town committees and commissions, recommending that residents become active in the Paradise Valley Women’s Club or the Paradise Valley Men’s breakfasts, and fostering other opportunities for residents to be involved in networking within our community.

Representing Paradise Valley in Civic Affairs

Representing Paradise Valley’s Interests on Legislative Matters

Working with other Members the Town Council, and the Town’s representatives in the   Arizona Legislature, Julie Pace has worked to advance the Town’s interests in the Arizona Legislature such as:

  • Giving Paradise Valley (and other cities and towns) the legal authority to regulate short term rental houses to prevent “party houses” that are a nuisance to neighborhoods.
  • Working to address how the construction sales taxes are allocated to the communities where the construction activity is occurring, rather than to the location where the construction materials are sold.  

Representing the Town at Public Events

​Julie has appeared in countless public events on behalf of the Town.  Such events include ceremonies honoring young people who have enlisted in the Army, Memorial Day observances, and even carrying Paradise Valley’s flag in processions for the Arizona League of Cities and Towns, etc.